A therapeutic training program for patients with chronic or repetitive pain with the goal of becoming pain free through movement therapy and for weight loss and improved metabolism. Our program is designed around small group classes under the watchful eye of a specialist, focused around a tailored circuit training program that is scaled to each participant

Oliver Linsenbarth
Timea Toprova
Matthew Levine
Johnny Hilyel
Amy Todd
Sarah Naoum
Alessandro Michelleti
Grece Al Asmar
Lana El Hariri
Asteera Singh
Kristy Saadeh
Bilal Al Baba
Elsa El Sangari

It has been shown that small group training is highly motivating, cost effective and more educational. The goal is to teach the individual independence in training which is more effective in the long run and to teach them correct technique in weight bearing exercises that stimulates real life situations to avoid injuries.