• Chiropractic
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Strength and Conditioning programming
  • Exercise analysis and correction
  • Nutrition advice
  • Myofascial release and Dry Needling
  • FAKTR and instrument assisted
  • Thompson drop technique

Types of conditions I specialize in:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Neck, upper and lower back pain
  • Disc herniation or bulges
  • Headaches and jaw pain
  • Shoulder, elbow, hand, and wrist pain
  • Hip, knee, foot, and ankle pain
  • Pediatric care
  • Radiculopathy or nerve issues

Matthew is a Chiropractor from Johannesburg South Africa. He also has an International Specialization in Sports Chiropractic through the Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport, and a FAKTR course. He is also a qualified strength and conditioning coach.

Matt is passionate about treating everyday patients and athletes alike. He has worked with professional Rugby and cricket teams in South Africa and enjoys the competitive atmosphere while working as a team chiropractor. He is also passionate about Paediatric Chiropractic.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys powerlifting, reading (science fiction is his favorite), sports, and socializing!