Johnny Hlayel


  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Deep tissue release
  • Prevention exercises
  • Functional assessment and Rehab
  • Sports injuries treatment
  • Specific personalized exercises

Types of conditions I specialize in:

  • Knee and Ankle Rehabilitation
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Chronic pain
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Orthopedic cases

Johnny Hlayel is a physiotherapist from Beirut. He has worked in the Lebanese American University Hospital for 3 years treating a variety of patients and focusing on post-operation rehabilitation. He has also worked as the physical therapist for the Lebanese National Futsal team for over five years. Johnny utilizes manual therapy techniques like trigger point therapy and soft tissue mobilization during his treatments. He believes in active treatment and is dedicated to helping patients achieve their goals.  Outside of the clinic, Johnny enjoys playing futsal and other activities.

He is fluent in English, Arabic and French.

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